“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”

Benjamin Franklin rightly said that acquiring knowledge is a lifelong process which always pays the best interest. Continuous learning and growing has been an integral part and an enriching experience nurturing me through this wonderful journey of life.

Yes ‘Nurture’ … Nurturing like a little seed transforming into a big tree … growing step by step with the right amount of care. Adding branches, leaves and bearing the fruits of knowledge and understanding. Maturing with time, gathering experience and extending the same nurturing to the society as a whole. It indeed is a unique circle of life which continues lifelong.

The journey from school to Bachelor of Commerce laid the solid foundation to build up the right structure for acquiring further knowledge. Learning new things to nurture the mind and further understanding. Being an active member of our family business from a young age and participating in all the diversifications, gave me a lot of inspiration to take up new challenges and further add on to my learning process. Our family business, which began as merchant exporters in the Food Industry was diversifying into exports of Gums, Spices and Food Ingredients, this inspired me to take up and graduate as PGD Foreign Exchange and Risk Management.

Expanding into manufacturing and processing side of Spices and Food Ingredients, was the obvious next step of our Family Business. ‘Quality as a way of life’ being a key element in our organization, I got inspired to take up Quality Management and completed my Diploma in Quality Management.

We aimed to be responsible suppliers to our global clientele and the next progression was to get accredited for Food Safety Management Systems. With a strong base of FSMS and to get full control of all the global requirements for the implementation of standards, I further got the certification as an Internal Auditor for ISO 9001, SQF 2000, ISO 22000, ISO 14001.

Another step in this direction was to qualify as a Certified Lead Auditor in BRCGS Food. This amazing journey as Lead Auditor in Global Standards for Food Safety gave me a wider perspective of the standard requirements. From Issue 4 of the standard, the journey of learning as Lead Auditor continues to Issue 8 the latest update of the standard and the aim and will is to keep continuing the process further.

Our family business unit, which met the requirements of BRC Global Standard for Food Safety (Issue 6, July 2011) was audited by LRQA. This being an Unannounced Audit Option and received the Grade A+ Certification, the very first unit to have attained this in the Indian Food Industry.

Handling a workforce of over 200 workers at different levels of our organization with different competency levels was an exciting journey. This enhanced the skills of developing customised training requirements as per the identified training needs. Curating a customised Induction Training Program, enabled a better understanding for the workers and encouraged the work culture towards first time right approach.

The global need for Ethical Policies and Audits was gaining importance and we successfully completed audits as per SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit). These audits encompassed all aspects of responsible business practice, covering Sedex’s four pillars of labour, health and safety, environment and business ethics. This opened the doors to explore another very important field and I went on to become a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional an extremely important aspect of life.

One cannot reach heights if we get into a comfort zone, be it for an individual or an organization. We must adopt to the new requirements, work culture and standard operating procedures. Especially in the manufacturing aspects of the food industry. A new standard was introduced by the Quality Council of India (QCI). It was the right time for another update to the Lifelong Learning process and got Certified for Work Assessment for Safety and Hygiene (WASH) Standard by QCI.

Digital Marketing is growing at a rate of 25-30% in India annually. Work fronts all over  have embraced a new aspect to grow and have steered their direction to incorporate the new ways. Companies are shifting towards a more digitally empowered set-up to make the most of the golden period of digital marketing that we are witnessing.

Being a technology enthusiast, I was driven passionately towards the evolving world of Digital Marketing. I completed Advanced Digital Marketing Diploma with 30 modules. Certified Digital Media Marketing Professional course covered all the popular social media platforms. The diversified need of this market made me acquire new skills by successfully completing Certified Course in Professional Content Writing, Certified Course in Professional Blog Writing, Certificate in Design and Video Creation and also Certified Course in creating Google Listings.

The passion for Travel and Tourism, the largest service industry in India is the base of developing this vertical.  The main objective is to introduce a unique concept in tourism with regards to the food industry. Successfully completing IATA Diploma : Foundation in Travel and Tourism with Amadeus aids in existing tourism products. Our novel amalgamation of travel sector with the food culture, heritage and business will further broaden the horizons of this branch of tourism which is a key element of our companies.

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Curated Customised Solutions | Brand Building Consultancy | Digital Marketing | Graphic Design | Travel & Tourism : Spices Culinary Experiences

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Jt. Managing Partner
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